Savvy Learning offers online live classes to help children with their reading or math skills.

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See why 98% of customers report high satisfaction with Savvy Learning. Our live coaching sessions include phenomenal educators who create engaging experiences specific to every student’s level and learning style. Consistent, long-term practice makes learning a breeze.

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“We couldn’t be happier”

“I cannot even begin to tell you how much he has grown and improved under Savvy… and Ms. Woods. It is literally night and day. He’s reading and spelling all the time now. He put a ton of books on his Christmas list and he helped me bake a cake today and read the recipe all by himself. He tells me now that he loves to read all the time now, and reading of any kind prior to September was a struggle. We couldn’t be happier with the Savvy has done for him! Read More


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“Making a huge difference”

“Wanted to tell you about my sons progress in starting Savvy. In 4 months he has gone from reading… 63 WPM to 97! Below grade level to almost where he needs to be at the end on the school year! But better yet, for the first time ever, he loves reading! He has loved the class since day one, but after about three months of savvy, he started reading so much more. In just 45 days, he has right over 70 books! I love seeing his excitement over books and telling me about them. Read More


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“Wish we started sooner!”

“This has given him such a strong foundation with reading, but most importantly he is teachable… and social, thanks to Savvy. Read More


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Reading Courses

Reading is a superpower that unlocks incredible learning potential. Our curriculum and each of our lessons are designed by well qualified, experienced teachers to align with Common Core State Standards. Let us help your Pre-K – 6th grade learner make reading their superpower!

  • Pre-K – 6th grade levels

  • Four days a week

  • 25 minute sessions

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Math Courses

There’s a better way to learn math! That’s why at Savvy, we’ve gone for an engagement-first model. We design our classes around scientifically proven methods that set your child up for long-term success. Now enrolling for the 1st-5th grade levels.

  • 1st – 5th grade levels

  • Four days a week

  • 25 minute sessions

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Best Pricing

Compared to other supplemental education programs, Savvy Learning is a step above the rest with economical pricing and various payment plan options.

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Coaches who Care

While AI-learning softwares are convenient, they don’t provide results like experienced educators can. Our coaches delightfully engage with your child at their level and propel them forward with a newly established confidence.

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Long-term Success

Savvy provides your child with more minutes of delightful instruction and practice per week than any comparable program we know of. Consistent, 25-minute sessions, 4 days per week, enable real progress and life-changing confidence.

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The Savvy Difference

Go from struggling to conquering in as little as 1 week!

Savvy Learning May Be Right for You if Your Child is:

  • Needing help getting up to grade level or could use some extra reading or math support.
  • Ready to start learning to read but you are unable to teach them yourself.
  • Not making consistent progress in reading or math or constantly feeling frustrated.
  • More responsive to other adults or needs more one-on-one, dedicated coaching.


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She absolutely loves it and so do I. It’s filled a gap I couldn’t as a mom. I’m an elementary teacher and know how to teach but with my own daughter she was too frustrated with me. This has solved everything! She’s loving it, I’m not worrying or feeling guilty and our relationship isn’t hurt. I wish I had the finances to gift this to more stressed out moms. Miss Anne is an angel and I hope she gets a raise, she’s just so great at making these kids feel loved and safe which is the only way kids learn.

His teacher tested his reading levels about a month ago and he is finally at 3rd grade level! He still has some work to do to catch up to where he needs to be but the progress he has made since beginning Savvy has been incredible! For me, the best part has been that he WANTS to read every night! He has read 3 chapter books over the last 6 weeks and that is HUGE!!! We are so thankful for you and Savvy!!!

K. T.Happy Mom
K. T.
My son could be playing outside having fun with a friend and when I tell him his reading class is about to start he runs right in and logs on. Every. Single. Time. I keep waiting for him to ignore me like he usually does but it has yet to happen.

My 5th grader is doing it and has been improving so much. I heard him say the other day to his sister, “reading is so fun! I really like it now!” I almost shed a tear–I never thought I would hear him say anything like that!

TawnyaMother of a 10-year-old reader
Savvy has totally helped Maddie start to engage with phonics… She loves when I read to her but whenever I’d try to teach her some sight words she’d just shut down. We signed up for Savvy and I’ve already noticed how much she’s willing to try to sound out words with Ms. Liz. Thank you for developing this program!

AlisonMother of a 6-year old reader
My daughter hated Zoom classes at the end of last school year but has loved logging in for Savvy every morning. Her teacher is fantastic and keeps the class moving at the perfect pace. Such a great investment and we have seen our daughter’s reading skills and confidence take off since starting this program! Can’t recommend it enough!

Delighted ParentMother of a newly confident reader
Delighted Parent
I don’t know what magic your teachers are using but my daughter (7, 1st grade) was so reluctant to do Savvy and was so mad I signed her up for it. I told her to try it and if she doesn’t like it we will stop. She had her first session with Ms. Courtney today and she cannot stop talking about how awesome it was! She cannot wait to go back tomorrow!!!

I signed up my 7 year old a few weeks ago and it has already made a HUGE difference! Not only is he doing better with reading, but I feel like his entire demeanor has changed–he’s more confident and happier!

EmilyMother of a 7-year-old reader

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