Why Savvy Learning Works

Our delightful coaches are a key part of your student’s success.

All Savvy coaches have classroom experience and relevant credentials. But most importantly, they have a love of engaging with learners!

Why are Savvy Learning coaches different?

Coaches use Savvy’s curriculum and content as well as their own delightful coaching expertise to help learners grow their skills and confidence. Each day they monitor and make note of every learner’s progress and challenges. They then tailor their lessons to match each individual’s needs with each learner based on what they observe during class.


If a coach observes that a learner needs more time on a set of learning objectives or would be better served by moving ahead, Savvy’s Learner Success Team works with parents and learners to determine what level adjustments should be made so the learner can continue to thrive.


Meet some of our Delightful Savvy Coaches

All of our incredible coaches are excited to help your student improve and have the tools to help! Each coach will work with your student making sure they stay on the learning track that is best for their personal growth.


Reading & Math Coach


Reading Coach


Reading & Math Coach


Reading & Math Coach


Reading & Math Coach

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