Every mathematician has had a super coach.

Let’s help you find yours.

How to unearth superpowers

Numbers are everywhere. Knowing how to work with them unlocks special abilities to think critically and reason through everyday problems. Savvy offers delightfully engaging, live math classes to 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade level learners.



Unsure of your learner’s level? Our free assessment is a good place to start.

the right level is key

It’s critical to meet your child at their learning level.

If it’s too difficult, it’s overwhelming and children resist. If it’s too easy, it’s boring.

That’s why we design our learning content to be the perfect fit for each learner. It’s fun and engaging, all led by our fully credentialed coaches.

We currently offer coaching for the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade levels.

So let’s find the best fit for your budding math whiz — and we’ll do it for FREE.

Step 1

Set aside
5-15 minutes
for you and your student.

Step 2

Grab two devices, one for you and another for your child
(one device can work too)

Step 3

Take the assessment and record your child’s answers

Step 4

Receive your results by email

Three important things to keep in mind:

Assessments can be helpful, but they are always limited.
We’ve spent countless hours creating and continually improving our placement assessment, but any assessment is just one small picture of your child. If your results don’t seem quite right, we can work with you to find a class at the right level.
Placements are not permanent.
Savvy coaches keep a close eye on each student so we know whether they’re progressing at the same pace as the curriculum. If class becomes too easy or challenging, we work with parents and coaches to identify a better fit so the level always meets your child where they are.
The placement report is free at the end of the assessment.
This can be a powerful tool to understand where your child is at as you work one-on-one with them outside of Savvy sessions and school classes.

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