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Math shouldn’t have to be hard — but it’s developed a bad reputation.

That’s why at Savvy, we’ve gone for an engagement-first model. Each class is meant to delight learners, complete with games and activities that keep them hooked.

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Savvy Learning offers online math instruction for grades 1 through 5

It’s critical for learners at these levels to gain comfort with foundational math concepts. We design our math classes around scientifically-proven methods that set your child up for long-term success. If they understand the basics, they can work through even harder problems. And we do it in a fun and delightful way, too, so they look forward to class every day.

What does good math instruction look like?

Thoughtfully Timed Classes

We offer classes four days a week for 25 minutes each session. This gives the student a routine to look forward to each day.

Student-based Progression

All of our fully credentialed coaches monitor each individual student throughout the lesson. They make adjustments as needed for learners to thrive.

Relatable Course Content

Savvy’s curriculum and content teams design lessons to be dynamic, engaging, and interactive. They include games, songs, and unique characters. This is especially helpful for energetic learners.

The daily nature of the lessons keeps children learning, but the dynamic environment keeps them interested. Try it out yourself — and watch your learner soar above and beyond.

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    Savvy Learning Online Math Classes

The consistency of meeting daily is the key to making real progress.

Savvy’s program is centered around engaging interactions with delightful coaches because people — especially kids — are social by nature. Classes are 25 minutes, 4 days a week, which we’ve found to be just right — not too short or long.

We’ve crunched the numbers on improving math skills.

There are multiple ways to help your child improve their math skills outside the classroom, including:

  • Helping out with homework

  • Playing math games together

  • Getting them involved with cooking and baking

  • Pointing out math problems in everyday situations

But the best — and key — method of all is consistent engagement, which happens to be our strong suit at Savvy.

Overcoming math struggles

Math doesn’t click for everyone at first.

What’s the best way to know where your child fits? Savvy’s free placement assessment helps us find the right level to get your learner started. At Savvy, we emphasize meeting each learner at their level. Learning with just the right amount of challenge — not too hard and not too easy — leads to small wins. Small wins over time lead to greater comprehension and a virtuous learning cycle.

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Let’s help unearth your child’s superpowers.

Every mathematician has had a Super Coach.

Numbers are everywhere. Knowing how to work with them unlocks special abilities to think critically and reason through everyday problems. Savvy offers delightfully engaging, live math classes to 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th-grade level learners.


Unsure of your learner’s level? Our free math assessment is a good place to start.

How we teach your child who may have dyscalculia

Savvy Math is great for learners who may have dyscalculia and other math challenges.

Our math program is built on evidence-based math practices. These practices include:

  • Explicit instruction

  • Visual representation

  • Schema-based instruction

  • Peer Interaction

  • Feedback

Using these practices, Savvy math coaches are there to guide, encourage, and celebrate with learners to help them reach their highest potential in math. Savvy’s activity-based instruction engages learners and makes them want to come back the next day. Over time, consistent practice with Savvy teaching methods help learners, including those with dyscalculia, achieve significant skill development.

Stay in the loop

At home learning can be a breeze for both you and your student. We’ve got learning resources and special offers to help keep your child engaged.

Does your student need advanced math placement?

One of the best things we can do for learners is meet them at their level. If your child learns math at a faster pace than peers of the same age, providing new and challenging material is key to keeping them engaged. It’s not always easy for busy parents to do so, which is where Savvy Math can help. Our curriculum introduces and explores math concepts in comprehensive, fun, and engaging ways to meet learners at their level and appropriately challenge them to learn new skills.

What are our
math support strategies?

What are our
math support strategies?

Make Things FUN

If learning isn’t fun, why would anyone want to do it? Our classes are involved and entertaining, with multiple activities that make learning easy and intuitive.

Establish a Foundation

We don’t force memorization. Instead, we teach foundational concepts and make sure your child truly understands before moving on to more difficult subjects.

Build on Strengths

Because Savvy meets your child’s level, we build on what they already know. This gives them confidence and allows them to progress to the next level.


All people are social — especially children. Our classes are small groups of four kids each, so your child still gets individual attention from a professional coach that tailors their lessons for each child. Prefer one-on-one? We offer that too.

Math Program Success Stories

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“Thank you!”

“OK so my son started savvy in December… He is in first grade and really struggled. He isn’t… on grade level. We have so many other reading products that just weren’t working for him. Including reading dynamics. But after just a few months of savvy, he was reading all of the blue books from reading dynamics to me and is so proud and confident. He’s still only at a kinder level… But I can definitely tell he’s moving up! And hoping that keeping up Savvy through the summer can help him catch up! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Read More


“We are so thankful”

“His teacher tested his reading levels about a month ago and he is finally at 3rd grade level! He still has… some work to do to catch up to where he needs to be but the progress he has made since beginning Savvy has been incredible! For me, the best part has been that he WANTS to read every night! He has read 3 chapter books over the last 6 weeks and that is HUGE!!! We are so thankful for you and Savvy!!! Read More


“Wish we started sooner!”

“This has given him such a strong foundation with reading, but most importantly he is teachable… and social, thanks to Savvy. Read More


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