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The Savvy Approach to Learning

Learning is a natural superpower that we all have as humans — especially children.

Delightful engagement at the right level (not too hard, not too easy) leads to small wins. Consistent small wins lead to more confidence. Confidence leads to curiosity and a desire to keep learning.

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Savvy helps learners tap into this virtuous cycle.


Engagement is always our first goal. When we engage learners at their level and empower them to learn skills in a fun, interactive way, we see amazing results and increased confidence. Learning naturally follows.


Consistency is key to making real progress. Learners need to see that they’re making progress to stay engaged. Our program is designed for learners to consistently engage with highly interactive, activity-based learning in a convenient online setting.

Proven Methods

Our team of highly experienced and educated curriculum designers and lesson writers use the latest, research-based approaches to create and continually improve Savvy’s curriculum and content. They’re lifelong learners who are thrilled to find, test and leverage the most proven and cutting edge methods to help Savvy learners build skills, confidence, and a love of learning.

Human Interaction

People are social by nature. Savvy’s program is centered around engaging interactions with delightful coaches.

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Are you unsure if Savvy is the right next step in your child’s education? Sign up now for a $5 trial session (a $30 value!) to see if it’s a good fit.

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