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Savvy’s program is centered around engaging interactions with delightful coaches because people — especially kids — are social by nature.

Classes are 25-minutes, 4 days a week, which we’ve found to be just right — not too short, not too long.The consistency of meeting daily is key to making real progress.

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Savvy offers group and 1:1 classes

Group classes are limited to 4 learners to ensure our coaches are able to cater to each learner every day. They are also grouped by specific learning level and time availability.1:1 classes allow coaches to cater completely to the needs of one learner. They are easy to schedule and are often chosen when a learner is accelerated, struggling, or needs extra help and attention to stay engaged due to a learning difference.

Savvy Coaches Monitor Each Learner’s Progress Daily.

If a learner needs more time on a set of learning objectives, or would be better served by moving ahead, Savvy’s Learner Success team works with the coach, parent and learner to determine the right level so the learner can thrive.

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If you are unsure if Savvy is the right next step in your child’s education, sign up for a $5 trial session (a 75% discount!) to see how your learner likes Savvy before you fully commit to a Savvy subscription plan.

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