Overcoming Math Struggles

Math doesn’t click for everyone at first.

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That’s why at Savvy, we emphasize meeting the learner at their level. Learning with just the right amount of challenge — not too hard and not too easy — leads to small wins. Small wins over time lead to greater comprehension and a virtuous cycle of learning.

Here’s a little insight into how we do things here:

Make Things FUN
If learning isn’t fun, why would anyone want to do it? Our classes are involved and entertaining, with multiple activities that make learning easy and intuitive.
Establish a Foundation
We don’t force memorization. Instead, we teach foundational concepts and make sure your child truly understands before moving onto more difficult subjects.
Build on Strengths
Because Savvy meets your child at their level, we build on what they already know. This gives them confidence and allows them to progress to the next level.
All people are social — especially children. Our classes are small groups of four kids each, so your child still gets individual attention from a professional coach that tailors their lessons for each child. Prefer one-on-one? We offer that too.

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