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Pre-K Students

Why should the older kids have all the fun? Your pre-k reader deserves a chance to grow, too.

When Savvy Learning launched in 2020, we offered programs for kindergarten, first and second grade level reading. Why? Because one of our guiding principles is to meet readers where they are instead of trying to fit them in a mold not built for them.

Here are a few key things to know about Savvy Learning’s Pre-K Level:

Pre-K classes are specifically designed for preschoolers.
There are significant developmental differences between a preschooler and a child attending kindergarten. Savvy Reading’s Pre-K level is designed in every detail to meet our youngest readers where they are and help them have positive experiences with learning to read right from the beginning.
Pre-K classes incorporate more movement-based learning.
Our lessons work for wiggly kids of all ages, but we’ve cranked that up even more for our youngest readers. They’ll stay engaged with games, activities, and songs that help them learn without requiring them to sit still.
Pre-K classes include extra focus on phonological awareness.
If you’re not familiar with phonological awareness, it’s the awareness of sounds in languages — like recognizing syllable counts or that words are made up of individual sounds put together. This is the foundation for being able to sound out, decode, blend, and finally read whole words.
Pre-K classes progress at a slower pace.
Our foundational Kindergarten level has two different tracks which move at different paces. For some of our younger readers, even the slowest track for the Kindergarten level was moving too fast for them. The Pre-K level gives them the time, exposure, and repetition to fully master the reading skills at the appropriate pace.
This program meets kids at their own pace so they gain confidence and stay engaged.

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