Helping Child Dyslexia Readers

Uniquely Qualified Coaches Specially Designed Curriculum For Dyslexia.


Not all children learn to read easily and automatically.

Savvy Reading is great for readers who may have dyslexia and other reading challenges. It’s built on explicit and systematic instruction and draws from the gold standard Orton-Gillingham approach.
Our experienced coaches work to foster a love of reading in our students and design our curriculum to be as enjoyable as it is effective — so kids stay engaged and actually want to do it.

Savvy Reading and the Orton Gillingham Method

Our reading coaches are specially trained to work with readers with dyslexia. They incorporate many elements of the Orton-Gillingham methodology, focusing on the sounds and matching letters that make up words, which allows struggling readers to begin to feel confident in reading.
The phonics scope and sequence builds on base skills and gradually moves on more challenging concepts. They are focused at the word level and on the connection between letters and their sounds.
The Benefits
Readers with dyslexia will benefit from the ongoing spiral review, regularly reviewing concepts and building on skills.
Other Methods
Multisensory elements are also included to engage multiple pathways to the brain, encouraging better understanding and a higher retention of the material.
In Conclusion..
Lessons are written for direct, explicit instruction but also created for high levels of engagement and interest for the readers.

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