How Savvy Students Can Succeed With Reading Classes

The Benefits of Savvy Learning

Early engagement at the right level leads to small wins. Consistent small successes lead to more confidence. Confidence in education leads to curiosity and a desire to keep learning.

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Savvy Learning Provides Customized Reading Classes

If a learner needs more time on a set of learning objectives or would be better served by moving ahead, Savvy’s Learner Success team works with the coach, parent, and learner to determine the right level so the learner can thrive.


Savvy’s program is centered on engaging interactions with delightful coaches because people — especially kids — are social by nature. Classes are 25 minutes, 4 days a week, which we’ve found to be just right — not too short or long. The consistency of meeting daily is key to making real progress.

Savvy Offers One-On-One Classes or Group Learning Environments

Savvy coaches monitor each learner’s progress daily.

Group classes are limited to 4 learners to ensure our coaches can cater to each learner daily. They are also grouped by specific learning level and time availability.


1:1 classes allow coaches to cater entirely to the needs of one learner. They are easy to schedule and are often chosen when a learner is accelerated, struggling, or needs extra help and attention to stay engaged due to a learning difference.

What Can Be Done If Your Child Is A Struggling Reader?

There’s no skill more foundational to learning than reading, yet not all children learn to read quickly and automatically. It can be frustrating and overwhelming. They may lose confidence and become resistant to reading. That’s where we come in.

Give Your Child Back Their Reading Confidence

When we can meet them at their level, learning to read is a delightful, engaging experience that builds confidence and turns into a virtuous cycle.

Our Resources Will Meet Them Where They Are

Delightful engagement at the right level — not too hard, not too easy — leads to small wins. Consistent small successes lead to more confidence. Confidence leads to curiosity and leveling up in learning. And the results are what we live for.

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    Is Your Child An Advanced Reader?

A large number of Savvy Readers are advanced for their age. They grow when they’re engaged one-on-one or in small groups with materials and discussions that cause them to think critically. This approach expands development at their own pace.

Challenge Your Child In Unique Ways

Keep them challenged and engaged.

When you have a gifted reader on your hands, there can be a few obstacles:

  • Challenging them academically as a busy parent

  • Encouraging complex thinking while keeping it interesting

  • Preventing them from saying the dreaded, “School is boring.”

Meeting readers at the right level of challenge for their capabilities is the answer.

Discover Your Child’s Reading Level and Cater To Their Interests

Savvy Reading classes help children nurture their love of learning and unlock their full potential. Children will succeed quicker when they are using topics of their individual interests. Our reading coaches asses and use your child’s interests and strengths to help build their reading comprehension.

Keep Them Engaged and Instill A Love of Reading

By giving your learner the skill set and the confidence to progress on their own, you will see them light up with the love of reading.

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Uniquely Crafted Curriculum for Specialized Learning

Our experienced coaches work to foster a love of reading in our students and design our curriculum to be as enjoyable as it is effective — so kids stay engaged and want to do it.

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Savvy Reading Offers Alternative Methods To Engage Students

Multisensory elements are also included to engage multiple pathways to the brain, encouraging a better understanding and higher retention of the material. Lessons are written for direct, explicit instruction but also created for increased engagement and interest for the readers.

How To Help Your Child Who May Be Reading With Dyslexia

Uniquely qualified coaches design our curriculum for dyslexia.

Not all children learn to read quickly and automatically. Savvy reading is excellent for readers with dyslexia and other reading challenges. It’s built on explicit and systematic instruction and draws from the gold standard Orton-Gillingham approach.

Savvy Reading and the Orton-Gillingham Method

Savvy’s program incorporates many elements of the Orton-Gillingham methodology, focusing on the sounds and matching letters that makeup words, which allows struggling readers to begin to feel confident in reading.


The phonics scope and sequence build off base skills and gradually move on to more challenging concepts. They focus on the word level and the connection between letters and their sounds. Readers with dyslexia will benefit from the ongoing spiral review, regularly reviewing concepts and building on skills.

Reading Program Success Stories

Check out some of our recent reviews.

“Thank you!”

“OK so my son started savvy in December… He is in first grade and really struggled. He isn’t… on grade level. We have so many other reading products that just weren’t working for him. Including reading dynamics. But after just a few months of savvy, he was reading all of the blue books from reading dynamics to me and is so proud and confident. He’s still only at a kinder level… But I can definitely tell he’s moving up! And hoping that keeping up Savvy through the summer can help him catch up! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Read More


“We are so thankful”

“His teacher tested his reading levels about a month ago and he is finally at 3rd grade level! He still has… some work to do to catch up to where he needs to be but the progress he has made since beginning Savvy has been incredible! For me, the best part has been that he WANTS to read every night! He has read 3 chapter books over the last 6 weeks and that is HUGE!!! We are so thankful for you and Savvy!!! Read More


“Wish we started sooner!”

“This has given him such a strong foundation with reading, but most importantly he is teachable… and social, thanks to Savvy. Read More


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