Struggling reader?

Get them on the right track today.
There’s no skill more foundational to learning than reading. Yet not all children learn to read easily and automatically. It can be frustrating and overwhelming. They may lose confidence and become resistant to reading. That’s where we come in.

We meet your reader at their level

When we can meet them at their level, it makes learning to read a delightful, engaging experience that builds confidence and turns into a virtuous cycle.
Delightful engagement at the right level — not too hard, not too easy — leads to small wins. Consistent small wins lead to more confidence. Confidence leads to curiosity and leveling up in learning. And the results are what we live for.

See What Parents Are Saying About Savvy

“I can’t even express how happy I am right now. We first signed our daughter up for Savvy because she was really struggling with reading. She was always reluctant to read with us at home, and reading was never her strongest subject in school — and then the pandemic put her way behind.

She tested well below grade level at the end of 2nd grade. With her going into 3rd grade and knowing how crucial this year is to a child, how essential it is for them to read well in order to succeed in any subject, we were so worried. Savvy has been such a boon, lending her confidence and support, helping her to climb back up to grade level and then beyond.

Now she’s a total bookworm, tearing through books faster than the librarian can put them into her hands. We couldn’t have seen this level of progression without Savvy Learning. Now she’s reading at a 4th grade level. I’m so happy I’m literally in tears. She’s bouncing off the walls with pride — all her hard work is paying off!”

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